Terms of use of Material Bank

This Material Bank has been produced by Orion Corporation. Feel free to use it under the following terms and conditions.

Approval of terms of use

By accessing and using the Material Bank you are considered to have read and approved these terms of use. If you do not approve these terms of use or any part of them, we kindly ask you not to access or use the Material Bank.

Access right to images and other materials

Images and other materials are available for limited use through the Material Bank. The Material Bank has been designed to provide the media, our partners and staff with materials they can use. The images can be freely used for journalistic purposes, as long as the source is cited. The materials may only be used in contexts discussing Orion or any of its subsidiaries, and Orion must be cited as the source when the materials are used. Users may not use the service or any other part of it in any way without prior permission in writing from Orion.

Intellectual property rights

The Material Bank and its contents are protected by intellectual property rights. All of the Material Bank contents’ copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights that are related to the Material Bank will remain forever with Orion and are protected pursuant to copyright and other laws and the regulations of international agreements.

Users shall not be entitled to disseminate, transmit, present, reproduce, publish, licence, edit, copy, utilise for commercial purposes, use for creating derivative works, transfer or sell any materials in the Material Bank without prior permission in writing from Orion.

All trademarks appearing in the Material Bank either belong to Orion, or Orion has acquired a permission from the trademark holder to use the trademark in the Material Bank.

Entry into force and amendment of terms of use

These terms of use will be valid indefinitely from the date of update (see end of document). Orion is entitled to amend these terms of use, and new terms of use will become valid at the time of publishing in the on-line service.

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Updated 19 April 2010